Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Other times, life grants you the chance to reinvent yourself. We can help with the latter because, frankly, we don't have any lemons. 

We take photos, and design made-to-measure suits that can get you from Wall Street to The Met in zero changes or, less. 

Suits, for us, are not worn because they have to be but, worn because we want them to be. It's a second skin, a layer of armor, pajamas (if you don't always play your cards right). 

And what better way to compliment your reinvention (or not) than with photographs. Photographs are the perfect way to capture your essence (and your soul if you talk to certain people–you know who you are). They give us the chance to view life in a different, outsider kind of way. Like when you went through that old box of Polaroid's, and found out your parents were nuts back in their heyday.