Prints Shop

As you may—or may not—have noticed there is a new page on the website titled PRINTS SHOP. It’s a link to my Etsy page where you can now purchase prints of my photos. 

All prints are made to order in the sizes specified in the shop as we don’t have the space to hold stock. That makes it all the more special for you. We like special.

If there is something you would like a print of but don’t see it in the shop you can make a request, and we can try to get you that print! All you have to do is fill out the bookings form with your request! Marvelous, right? 

To celebrate the opening of the Prints Shop we’re giving you coupon for 10% off any print! Just use the code HOORAY at checkout! 

 (You can buy this one in a 12x18 or in a limited edition birchwood frame)

(You can buy this one in a 12x18 or in a limited edition birchwood frame)

Go visit the prints shop, more prints are added all the time so make sure you check back often!  


Here’s a direct link to the Etsy shop.

The Pill

“I took a morning after pill even though he only came in me a little,” said the twenty something woman into her phone. She was standing against the wall of a bustling Whole Foods Market in New York City, confident. “He’s coming over again tonight,” she continued with much excitement, “so I bought more pills just in case.”

As she hung up the phone a slight smirk fell onto her face, though she would most likely be stuck in a perpetual loop of buying, and using morning after pills, she was happy. 


The evening came, and went but the man never texted or called. All feelings of happiness gone as she realized how much money she wasted for him. All the candles melted down into puddles on the table symbolic of her current emotions. But alas, as the clock struck 2AM, her phone buzzed a happy buzz as it received a message: 

You Up?

Suddenly the happiness came back. With her grin from ear to ear she responded:

I am now ;)

The Writing Process

I've never really thought about my writing process. Well, I never put any thought into, mainly because no one asks about it. Most people assume that I wake up every morning at 7 A.M., get a coffee at the local overpriced coffee shop then spend my day sitting on a bench with a notebook cleverly eavesdropping on society, finding it's quirks and short comings to fuel my mirror holding jokes and political satires. 

In reality this could not be further from the truth. Sure I wake up at 7 A.M., everyday but that is because I can't sleep later than that for some reason. I don't go to the local overpriced coffee shop, I make my own coffee (out of dirt and my own feces...), and I sure as hell don't sit on benches and eavesdrop (that's rude), I barely even go outside. The real process goes something like this: 

7 A.M.: Become wide awake, turn on TV, watch some television (usually The Office)

8 A.M.: Make a coffee, go back to TV.

9 A.M.- 12 P.M.: Hot Yoga in my living room while still watching The Office. 

12 P.M.: Wallow in self-pity.

1 P.M.: Go for a walk. 

2 P.M.: Sit at my computer and try and write something. 

3 P.M. - 10 P.M.: Get caught up watching The Office.

10 P.M.: Realize I didn't write anything then go to bed. 

12 A.M.: Wake up in a hot sweat and open window. 

First Entry

Captain's log, stardate 41153.7. Our destination is planet Deneb IV … wait this isn't Star Trek. This is my personal Captain's Log as I am the Captain of this ship, the USS Jason Sandagon, a solid, sturdy ship, though I wish it was less sturdy and maybe a little more streamlined but that's neither here nor there.  As I begin this journey as a whole new branded self I hope you, the audience, will stick around for the final curtain (the way I talk that could be soon...). My hopes are high for this new branding of "Jason Sandagon: New York" because I'm no longer putting myself in a box of comedy or a box of photography but in a box of random shit that Max Paxton will eventually remove from your hoarding Aunt's house. 

If this new brand was a song it would be "Runaway Away With Me" by Carley Rae Jepson because there is a lot going on in that song but when you listen to it, it makes you feel something incredible. A tingling feeling, like pins and needles (I'm sorry, my leg is falling asleep, I'm writing this on the toilet). 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new branding and I hope you continue to enjoy me. 


Best Regards, 

Jason Sandagon