The Pill

“I took a morning after pill even though he only came in me a little,” said the twenty something woman into her phone. She was standing against the wall of a bustling Whole Foods Market in New York City, confident. “He’s coming over again tonight,” she continued with much excitement, “so I bought more pills just in case.”

As she hung up the phone a slight smirk fell onto her face, though she would most likely be stuck in a perpetual loop of buying, and using morning after pills, she was happy. 


The evening came, and went but the man never texted or called. All feelings of happiness gone as she realized how much money she wasted for him. All the candles melted down into puddles on the table symbolic of her current emotions. But alas, as the clock struck 2AM, her phone buzzed a happy buzz as it received a message: 

You Up?

Suddenly the happiness came back. With her grin from ear to ear she responded:

I am now ;)